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Understanding User Roles in Smartling

Smartling offers six user roles in the platform with different user permissions:

  1. Account Owner*
  2. Project Manager*
  3. Requester
  4. Agency Account Owner (Enterprise)
  5. Translation Resource Manager (Enterprise) 
  6. Translation Resource*

* most common 

Account Owner 

This role has the highest level of permissions. The Account Owner will typically manage the translation process from content capture to delivery, including all account and project setting administration, as well as user management of all users across all projects under the account.

Project Manager

This role has the second-highest level of permissions. The Project Manager user manages the translation process from content capture to delivery within certain projects, including project settings and project user management. The Project Manager user needs to be given access to specific projects by the Account Owner to be able to see and modify anything in that project. Project Managers can add any other user role (except Account Owner users) to the same projects that have access to.


This role can upload files and request translations in any of the languages available in the project that they have been given access to. The Jobs that Requesters create will be Awaiting Authorization until an Account Owner or Project Manager authorizes the Job for translation. Requesters can then monitor Jobs after they have been authorized, using a limited view of the Smartling dashboard. Requesters cannot see any other Jobs on their dashboard. To add Requesters, the Requester Portal feature must be enabled for your account. Contact your Smartling Customer Success Manager or Account Manager for more information.

Agency Account Owner 

An Agency Account Owner manages content and resources they are given access to under their agency. The Agency Account Owner can monitor and manage their resources tasks under all accounts under their Jobs Dashboard. Account Owners or Project Managers from their client's account may give them permission to view and manage assets, such as Glossaries, Style Guides, Translation Memories and Leverage Configurations. Agency Account Owner can also be given access to the Issue Report, to assist and participate in any Issues on Jobs they have access to.

Translation Resource Manager

Assigns translation resources to workflow steps and languages to which they themselves have access. A Translation Resource Manager may be part of the client's project team or a translation agency. Agency Translation Resource Managers can only manage translation resources from their agency. Both can also perform work themselves.

Translation Resource

Translates, edits, or reviews content. Only has visibility into workflow steps and languages they have been given access to. When revising content, it will be categorized as either "Edit" work or "Review" work depending on how the workflow step is configured. Workflow configuration also determines if the content may be available to all resources without assignment, require assignment to specific resources, or be available for claiming (self-assignment) by resources.

To explore each user's permissions, read our User Permission documentation.

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