Preparing Content for Translation

Supported File Types

The file types below are currently supported by Smartling. Click into each file type to learn how to integrate your content with Smartling:

File Type Extension File Size Limit
Android XML  .xml 10MB
Comma Separated Values .csv 10MB
DITA .dita 10MB
Gettext .pot (or .po but orignal source should be .pot) 10MB
HTML .html 10MB
InDesign .idml 30MB
iOS Strings .strings, .stringsdict 10MB
iOS Plurals Localization Library .stringsdict 10MB
Java Property Files .properties 10MB
JSON .json 10MB
MadCap Lingo ZIP Package .zip (containing .xliff) 20MB
Microsoft - Word .docx 20MB 
Microsoft - Excel .xlsx 10MB
Microsoft - PowerPoint .pptx 50MB 
PDF * .pdf
Plain Text .txt 10MB
Qt Linguist .ts 10MB
RESX .resx, .resw 10MB
SubRip  .srt 10MB
TMX** .tmx 1GB
XLIFF  .xlf, .xliff, .xml 10MB
XML  .xml 10MB
YAML  .yaml, .yml 10MB

* You cannot upload and translate PDF files. It's best to acquire the file in its original format, such as one of the supported file types above (most commonly, InDesign or Microsoft Word), and translate that file.

** TMX files can be uploaded by managers with sufficient permissions using the Translation Memory Import flow.


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