Supported File Types

MadCap Flare ZIP Package


Extension .zip
Smartling Identifier flare
Example File
Resources MadCap Flare software 

Smartling supports Madcap Flare

A MadCap Flare package is a ZIP-archive with HTML, Javascript, and image files, optionally organized in directories. A MadCap Flare ZIP archive is treated as a single file. Translated strings in the archive will be associated with the .zip file, not the individual HTML files.

Non-HTML files in the archive are excluded from processing.

Directory structure and non-HTML files are preserved when downloading the translated archive.



smartling.[directive_name] = [value]



Values on|yes|true|off|no|false
Description This parameter forces the html parser to treat the listed tags as inline. The difference between block and inline tags is that block tags are used to split html into strings, whereas inline tags are included in strings.
This is off by default.
Examples smartling.flare_madcap_tags_as_inline = on

Any <external_link> or <reference> tags will be parsed as inline tags. Smartling will not create separate strings for content in these tags.


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