Managing Translation Projects

Job Attachments

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

Job Attachments allows for reference files to be associated with a job and accessible to all users who have access to the job or the content in a job.  These files are non-translatable and do not go through the translation workflow or count in word count estimates.


  • Upload: Any user may upload and attach any file to a job.
  • View and Download:  Any user may view and download any file attached to a job.
  • Delete:  Account Owners and Project Managers can delete any file attached to a job.  Other roles can only delete the files they have uploaded.

File Types and Size

  • File types:  Any file type can be attached to a job.
  • Maximum file size: 500Mb
  • Maximum of 50 attachments

Accessing Job Attachments

Job Attachments are found in the left column of a job's details.


When clicked, the Job Attachments dialog will open to allow the user to upload, view, and delete attachments.


Uploading an attachment requires the file to upload and an optional description


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