Capturing Visual Context

Context Dashboard

The Context Dashboard is available for Account Owners and Project Managers who have access to our new user experience.

The Context Dashboard is a list of all Visual Context files that have been ingested into Smartling. From here, you can view, upload and manage all context files within a Project.

Accessing the Context Dashboard

Go to a Project and click on the Context tab


Context Dashboard Layout

The Context Dashboard contains the following columns:

  • Thumbnail: A thumbnail image of the context file
  • Name/URL: The name or URL of the context file/page
  • Type: The context type
  • Source: How the context file was ingested into Smartling
  • Strings: The number of strings bound with context
  • Created: The timestamp of when the context file was ingested in Smartling


  • View Context: opens the Context Details dialog, where you can view the context as it appears in the CAT Tool.
  • Run Matching: re-runs context string matching.
  • Replace Context: deletes the image context file and allows you to immediately upload a new image context file.
  • Delete Context: deletes the context file and removes any string association.
  • Copy Context UID: copies the context UID required for API integration or to assist with a support issue.
  • View Resources: opens the resource dialog where you can view all HTML context resources 

Bulk Actions

You can select multiple context files and bulk-delete by clicking the blue Actions button > Delete Selected Contexts

Search & Filters

  • Title/URL: Insert a context file name or URL
  • Type: Select a type from the dropdown menu of HTML, Image, or Video
  • Source: Select from the dropdown menu of how the context file was ingested into Smartling. Options include:
  • Associated Strings: Filter for context files that have or don't have bound strings
  • String hashcode: Insert a string hashcode to locate a context file bound to that string
  • Missing Resources: Filter for context files that have or don't have missing resources
  • Created After Date: Filter for context files that were uploaded after a specified date
  • Created Before Date: Filter for context files that were uploaded before a specified date

Upload Context

Visual Context can be manually uploaded to Smartling by a simple drag & drop, or by clicking the blue Upload Context button.

Run Matching

If you upload new/additional content related to existing context, this action allows you to re-run the matching of the new strings to the text in the context file.

Choose between matching the context with all string in a project or string in a specific file. We will soon add the option to match the context with strings in a specific Job.

For video context files, you can only use the full file and choose a different subtitle file. Run matching does not give you the option to convert the video to images -  you should delete the context file and re-upload it if you want this option.

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