Capturing Visual Context

Missing HTML Context Resources

The "Missing Resources" flag appears when ingesting a HTML context file into Smartling that has been blocked for any one of a number of reasons.


Reasons for the Error

Network Issues

The location of the file has blocked our servers IP address. Smartling sends thousands of requests per second. Some servers may flag the Smartling IP and block it from requesting the image file.

The image file linked within the HTML, lives in a private environment. This could mean that the image is stored within a staging environment, or requires authentication to access it.

Another cause could be SSL restrictions.

The image link is incorrect

A common cause of this error is when the file lives in a HTTPS domain, but the HTML file contains a HTTP domain location.



Always ensure images live in an accessible environment, i.e. Production, without authentication, or SSL restrictions.

Check the image link

Ensure the image link on the HTML file is accurate.

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