Capturing Visual Context

Mobile, Desktop, and Embedded Applications

The best way to visually contextualize the strings for your mobile app is through screenshots.  You can manually generate and upload screenshots, or you can use our context from video feature to use a screen recording.  Both are available in the Smartling API.

Optimize the Process

You’ll want to create screenshots as soon as you add strings to your application, and they appear in your resource files and have uploaded the resource files to Smartling. The string must be in Smartling to be associated with the context. The best practice is to upload the resource file, then give the strings visual context, then authorize the strings for translation. You’ll want to coordinate with your colleagues who are managing the translation process in Smartling if you aren’t sure about the timing, process and workflow. Of course, you can add context after authorizing, but then there is a chance that the translators will begin work without the visual context.

Review the Results

Login to the Smartling dashboard and go to the project where the screenshots have been uploaded to review the screenshots. You can always clear or update the context using the Smartling dashboard if the context for a string is inappropriate.


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