Create a Linguistic Package

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

A linguistic package allows you to easily group one or more of each linguistic asset (translation memory, glossary, and style guide) to apply to a Smartling project. A linguistic package can also be applied to multiple projects to ensure consistency.

To create a linguistic package:

  1. Do one of the following: 
    • In the New Experience, go to Account Settings > Linguistic Assets and click Linguistic Packages
    • In the Classic Experience, go to Assets > Linguistic Packages.
  2. Click Create Package to create a new linguistic package.


  • Package Name: Name of your linguistic package.
  • Source Language: The language of the source content that this linguistic package will be applied to. You may only specify one source language per package.
  • Target Language(s): The languages for the translated content that this linguistic package will be applied to.
  • Package Description: Optional description of your Linguistic Package

Required Assets

  • Leverage Configuration: This configuration will determine what translation memories untranslated content will be leveraged against. Only one leverage configuration may be selected.
  • Translation Memory: Selecting a translation memory will determine to where your translations will be saved. Only one translation memory may be selected.
  • Glossaries: Selecting glossaries will determine which terms are shown to Translators when translating content. One or more glossaries may be selected.
  • Translation Quality Checks: Choose one translation quality check package to determine how your content will be checked for errors and inconsistencies—and which of these will be shown to the Translator or will block translation. 

Optional Assets

  • Style Guide: Select an existing style guide to link to your linguistic package. Click Add Another Style Guide to add multiple style guides.


Review settings and click Edit on any section to make changes. Click Create Package to save your linguistic package.

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