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A Blocklist is a list of terms that should never be included in your translated content. When creating a Glossary of important or frequently used terms, you should also create a Blocklist of forbidden or never-to-be-used terms. 

You might have a number of translated terms that can not or should not be used in certain territories or markets. Your Legal department may also have a list of banned terms. The Blocklist feature ensures these terms will not be included in your translated content, by flagging the term as blocklisted in the CAT Tool and preventing the translators from submitting the term.

A blocklisted term is blocklisted per target language, so the Blocklist term should be the translated term and associate target language. It is important to include all variations of the blocklisted term in your Blocklist, including plurals.

The Blocklist for the New Smartling Glossary is coming soon.

Managing the Blocklist

Account Owners and Project Managers can access the Blocklist by navigating to;

Account Settings > Linguists Assets > Glossary > beside Terminology, you'll see Blocklist

Adding terms to the Blocklist

To add terms to the Blocklist, click Add Term to Blocklist


This will open the Blocklist dialog where you can add the blocklisted term and provide additional detail for your linguists. The Blocklist dialog includes the following fields;

Term: term to be blocklisted - this term can never be submitted in your translated content. Ensure to create an entry for each variation of the term, eg plural versions.
Language: the target locale that will be checked for the term. Choosing Any Language will prevent the term from being used in any translation.
Alternative Forms: Suggested alternative term(s) the Linguist should use instead.
Notes: Any notes you want to give the Linguist, eg reasons why the term in blocklisted. 

Once you have included all the required details, click Add Term.




Enabling Blocklist Quality Checks

The final step in ensuring all blocklisted terms are flagged and blocked in the CAT Tool, is to enable Blocklist Quality Checks.

Account Owners and Project Managers can access Quality Checks by navigating to;

  1. Account Settings > Linguists Assets > Quality Checks
  2. Click the Quality Check Profile used in the Project
  3. Scroll down to Blocklisted Terms
  4. Choose High-Severity level from the severity dropdown. This will ensure the Blocklist term will not be submitted in your translated content.


Viewing Blocklist Terms in the CAT Tool

When the linguist enters the blocklisted term in the CAT tool and when the Quality Check for Blocklist terms is set, the Quality Assurance will display the blocklisted term. Depending on your Quality Checks settings, the linguists may or may not be able to submit the translation with the Blocklist term


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