Glossary & Style Guide

Create a New Glossary

You can create a new Glossary in the Dashboard or by importing a file.

Create a Glossary in the Dashboard

  1. Go to Account Settings (click your account name) > Linguistic Assets.
  2. Under Assets, click Glossaries.
  3. Click Create Glossary.
    The Create New Glossary dialog appears.
  4. Enter a name for the glossary
  5. (Optional) Add a Description
  6. Select all languages you want to include in your Glossary
    • Languages selected should match the project(s) you plan to apply the glossary to
  7. When 2 or more languages are selected, you have the option to add a Fallback Language
  8. Select Glossary Custom Fields from the dropdown list
  9. Click Create

Your glossary will appear in the list of available glossaries.

Assign a Glossary to a Linguistic Package

Now that you have added your Glossary to Smartling, you can assign it to one or more Linguistic Packages.

  1. Go to Account Settings > Linguistic Assets.
  2. Under Actions, click the pencil icon to edit the package that you want to add the glossary to.
    The Edit Linguistic Package dialog appears.
  3. Click Required Assets.
  4. In the Glossaries field, type the name of the glossary.
  5. Click Save Changes.

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