Submitting & Retrieving Content

Translation Request Portal

Who can use this feature?
Requestors can use this feature. Account Owners and Project Managers should read this article.
Available in the Enterprise plan.

Requesters can upload files for translation, check the status of their requests, and download completed translations.

Create a Job

  1. Go to Content > Jobs.
  2. Click Create Job.
  3. Add/enter the following:
    • Files that you want translated
    • Job Name
    • Due Date
    • Reference Number
    • Description
    • Target Languages
  4. Click Create.
  5. Once you have created a job, in the Actions column, depending on your access set by the Account Owner, you'll see either a Submit or Authorize button. Click Authorize to submit the content for translation or click Submit to request that your Account Owner or Project Manager authorize the content for translation.

Get a Cost Estimate

While the status is Awaiting Authorization, you can generate a cost estimate for the job.

  1. Go to Content > Jobs.
  2. Find the job for which you wish to run an estimate. In the Actions column, click the more icon for the job and select Estimate.
  3. From the Estimates window, click Create Estimate.

Select the workflows to be used for the estimate and click Estimate. Estimates are available for 60 days.

Check the Status of a Job

A job allows you to group and prioritize content for translation. You can check the status of a job you submitted in Smartling by clicking the link from within your email notification, or by logging in to Smartling.

  1. Go to Projects Dashboard.
  2. Mouse over the project. Click View Project.
  3. Click the name of the job to view the overall status of your request.
  4. Hover over the progress bar to display the status of your request by workflow step.

Download Completed Translations

You can download completed translations.

  1. Go to Project Dashboard. Select the project.
  2. Click Jobs (or click the link from within your email notification).
  3. Click More > Download Files.
  4. Select how you'd like your translated files to be downloaded.
    1. Subfolders for languages: Downloads a .zip file containing one folder per language for translated files. No language code will be added to the translated file name.
    2. Languages in file names: Downloads a .zip file containing one file per language for each file in your translation job. The language code will be added to the translated file name.
    3. Subfolders for languages and languages in file names: Downloads a .zip file containing one folder per language for translated files with the language code in the file name.
  5. Click Download.

Enable project notifications to be notified when translation requests are complete.

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