Managing the Translation Process

Get a Cost Estimate

You can generate a cost estimate for your translation project. Each cost estimate takes into account the rates to which your translation vendors have agreed, any translation memory leverage; and repeated content within the project itself.

Estimates are available for 60 days.

Estimate Via Jobs

If you've packaged your content into a job, you can generate a cost estimate for that job.

Estimate Via Translations (Classic)

If your content has not been packaged into a job, you can generate a cost estimate for a specific set of strings to be translated.

  1. Go to Projects (select a project) > Content > Translations.
  2. Select Awaiting Authorization from the drop-down menu near the top left of the page.
  3. Click the checkboxes for the strings for which you'd like to run an estimate.
  4. After strings are selected, click Actions > Estimate.
  5. A side panel will open, click Create Estimate, select the languages you'd like the estimate for or Select All Languages then click Estimate.
  6. The estimate will show up in the same box under Previous Estimates for your review.

View Estimate Details

To view estimate details for a job, open a job. On the left, under Weighted Words, click View Details. The Estimate Details dialog appears.


Along the top of the dialog, you can view the total number of Source Words and Weighted Words, as well as the job’s overall Cost Estimate.

In the columns below, an itemized list of the words in the job is broken down by fuzzy match tier, 100% match, Repetitions, and SmartMatch into a Translation Subtotal. 

You can view each category’s Source Words, Weighted Words, and Price by this breakdown to get details on the cost of the job.

Refresh a Cost Estimate

There might be times where you would like to regenerate a cost estimate. Some use cases may include:

  • Content is removed from a job that was in progress, and you'd like to get a new cost estimate.
  • A job is in progress and authorized strings are added to it, and now you'd like to get a new cost estimate.

For a Job that is Awaiting Authorization or In Progress, you can run a "refresh estimate" which will show the cost for all content within a job. When a refresh estimate is generated, it invalidates pre-existing estimates for that job (ie. all content, including content awaiting authorization). For example, your job has 100 words: 50 words in translation, 30 in editing, 20 that are published. The estimate will include all 100 words, broken into fuzzy buckets.

To refresh an estimate:

  1. Select a job that's Awaiting Authorization or In Progress.
  2. Click the Refresh link on the left-hand side panel. (The refresh link is only shown once an initial cost estimate is created.) 

If the content in the job changes (ie. a language is removed/added or a file is removed/added), the new estimate will automatically be created. For example, if you add a language to the job, you'll see the Weighted Words and Cost Estimate being created in the right-hand side panel.

(Alternatively, if you select a job to view its details, Smartling also checks to see if there were changes made to the job after the latest estimate. If the estimate is outdated, it will be automatically refreshed at the moment that you open the job details view.)

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