Managing Translation Projects

Jobs Overview

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

Content in Smartling is generally organized and prioritized in the following way:


A Smartling project (such as a mobile, web, files, or connector project) is essentially a folder of work that contains one or more jobs. A job is a translation task. You may have multiple projects, each containing multiple jobs. The Jobs feature allows you to group and prioritize content for translation by due date, as well as monitor the progress throughout completion. Each job contains strings, consisting of words or phrases. When using the CAT tool, those strings are broken down into segments. For more information on strings and segments, see Content Parsing.

A job can be created on a file basis, or by selecting individual strings to be included in a job. You must first create a job, then authorize it to begin the translation process. This sends your content through a workflow contain various steps, from authorization (commence translation) to published (translation completed). If at some point you need to add files to an existing job, you can continue to do so provided that the job is not closed or cancelled.

Follow these steps to request translations using jobs, authorize content, filter, and track the progress of a job.

  1. Request Translations Using Jobs
    • Create a Job
      • Method 1: Create a Job and Upload New Files
      • Method 2: Add Existing Strings to a Job 
      • Method 3: Add Existing Files to a Job 
    • Authorize a Job and Get a Cost Estimate
    • Edit Job Name, Description, or Due Date
    • Attach reference files to a Job.
    • Cancel a Job
  2. Filter Jobs and Track Progress
    • Quick Filters
    • Sort by Status
    • Projects
    • Job Status
    • Table View
  3. Download Translated Files
    • At any point, you can download a file in a job by clicking on the name of a job and selecting Files > Download.
  4. Download the Translation Activity Report

Jobs that do not contain content and are still in the Awaiting Authorization or Draft status after 1 week will be automatically canceled.

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