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How to Add and Assign Your Team of Freelance Translators and Internal Reviewers

When working with a translation Agency or vendor (LSP), they are responsible for adding their team of translators to Smartling. If you are working with any freelance translators or editors, or have any multilingual teammates within your organization that could review translations, you should complete all steps to adding them to your Smartling account and assigning them to workflow steps.

Adding Translators, Editors and/or Reviewers gives them access to translate or edit content for the workflow steps they've been assigned.

This article covers how to add linguists in two steps:

  1. Step 1: Invite them to Smartling
  2. Step 2: Assign them to workflow step tasks

Adding a Linguist

Step 1: Invite them to Smartling

  1. Go to Projects Dashboard (select a project) > View Project > Team > People.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. Click on the appropriate user role and enter the email address of the new user.
  4. Click Confirm.

Immediately after adding the user to the account, you must assign the linguists their languages and workflow step tasks. The linguists invitation email will not be sent until this step is complete.

Step 2: Assign them to workflow step tasks

  1. Click Add Assignment.
  2. Select a language they should be assigned to, a workflow, and a step.
  3. Click Add Assignment. Add more workflow assignments if the user needs access to multiple workflows or steps.
  4. Click Save Changes or Cancel to exit.

An invitation email will then be sent to the linguist once you've added the user to a workflow assignment. If they've already registered with Smartling, they will be invited to work on the specific account.  


If you need to give the same linguists access to two accounts for two different functions (i.e. to translate in one and project manage in another), read our documentation on giving users two roles for two accounts.

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