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As an Agency Account Owner, you typically manage a team of linguists and project managers who work on multiple accounts in Smartling. In the case where you have a linguist who translates for one customer account, and is also a project manager for another customer account, you can give that user two roles, as long as the accounts they are assigned to are unique.

As an Agency Account Owner, you can add the same email address as two user roles - Translation Resource (translator) and Translation Resource Manager (translator with project manager responsibilities).

The one email address must be assigned to two different customer accounts for each user role. 

How to Give a User Two User Roles

As an Agency Account Owner, follow the steps to

  1. Add a user under one user role (TR)
  2. Next, assign that user to workflow steps on one account
  3. Then, repeat the steps to adding the same user email under a different user role (TRM)
  4. Finally, assign that user to workflow steps on a different account

You can invite the user as a TR first or a TRM first, the order does not matter.

Once the user has completed registration for Smartling, they can switch between their dual-user roles via the role switcher toggle on the top-right of their Jobs Dashboard.

The role switcher toggle does not appear instantaneously, please allow up to one hour for this to appear in your dashboard. 

How to Switch User Roles

  • Hover over the user icon under your user account dropdown menuScreenshot_2022-02-15_at_20.59.27.png
  • This opens the role switcher menu, where you can switch between your current user role and your other user role. The user role with the green check is your current user role.

For more information on user role permissions, read our documentation on User Permissions

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