Getting Started with Smartling

Update Your Profile

Completing your Smartling profile helps your teammates learn more about you. Here's how to add details about yourself, upload a photo, and set your location.

  1. Log in to Smartling, and click the dropdown menu next to your name.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. Make any of the following updates to your profile and click Save Changes once you're done.

Contact Information

  1. Update your first name or last name to change your display name in Smartling.
  2. Update your location to let your teammates know where you are based.

Profile Picture

Your Smartling profile picture is powered by Gravatar.

  1. Visit the Gravatar website to create your profile picture.
  2. To turn off your profile picture, use the ON/OFF toggle.

Login Information

Update the email or password you use to log in to Smartling in the Login Information section.

Languages You Can Translate

Let your teammates know what languages you can translate. Click the pencil icon and select language pairs from the dropdown menus.

This is unrelated to the language pairs you have been assigned to.

Global Notification Preferences

  1. Ensure Global Notification Preferences is switched ON to receive translation notifications.
  2. Under Daily Notification Limit, you can set a limit on the number of notifications received each day.
  3. Configure an alternate email address if you'd prefer to receive notifications to a different email than what you use to log in to Smartling.

Notifications help you stay on top of your work. Try changing your notification preferences by project before disabling globally.

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