The CAT Tool

Add or Edit a Glossary Term

This article is for Translators and Editors.

While working in the CAT tool, you can add or edit glossary terms. 

Add a Glossary Term

If you come across a term that you feel should be added to the glossary, you can add it with this default keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + G. (Alternatively, you can customize your keyboard shortcuts from within the CAT tool by going to Settings > Keyboard Preferences.) 

Edit a Glossary Term

Account Owners and Translation Resource Managers also have the ability to Edit Glossary Terms in the CAT Tool. You will see a pop up with the Glossary Term > Definition > Name of Glossary.

At the top right corner of the pop up, click the pencil icon to edit.

The Edit Glossary term box will appear:


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