Agency Project Managers

Assign Work to Your Translators

Agency Account Owner and Translation Resource Managers can assign content to Translation Resource and Translation Resource Manager users from their Jobs Dashboard.

The Job must be in progress and content assignment must be enabled in your client's workflow settings

You can assign available Translation Resource users to any steps (aka tasks) that assignment is enabled on in the workflow. For example, if a Job is currently in progress in the Translation step, and the workflow contains a review step and an edit step, you can assign the translator, review, and editor at the same time.

Tasks for large Jobs will be broken up into 2,500 words each, approximately.

Finding Jobs that Require Assignment

  • Go to the Jobs Dashboard 
  • Find Job that are in progress from the Require Assignment filter (left panel)


To Assign Linguists to Tasks

  1. Click Assign
    • When you click Assign, the Task Assignment dialog appears. The dialog is grouped by workflow, language, and context, so you can assign translators at a more granular level. The context grouping means you may see multiple rows for one language.
  2. Select the assignee name
  3. Click Save
  4. Hover over the calendar icon to view the task due date. Click the calendar to set a task due date


It may take a few minutes to see updated content available for assignment.

Considering allowing Translation Resources to proactively accept work? Read our documentation on how to Allow Work to be Claimed.

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