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Customize Your Jobs Dashboard: Account Owners / Project Managers

The Jobs Dashboard is an intuitive view of all Jobs in an Account and Project. From source content to translation, and all the metadata in between, the columns are packed with information, each of which holds different importance for each user. 

You can toggle between the standard Smartling default Jobs Dashboard, or your very own customized Jobs Dashboard.

Default Jobs Dashboard Columns

To understand the default layout of the Jobs Dashboard in detail, read our documentation on navigating the Jobs Dashboard.

Customizing Jobs Dashboard Columns

As Account Owners and Project Managers, you can customize the columns in your Account Jobs Dashboard and Project Jobs Dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Access the Jobs Dashboard (account or project)
  2. Click the column toggle to switch views from Default to Custom
  3. Now you're in the Custom View, click the View Configuration icon to customize the columns

This open the Customize Columns wizard, where you can view Available Columns not yet in view on the left, and Selected Columns that are already in view on the right.


  • To add columns to the Jobs Dashboard, click and drag any Available Columns to the Selected Columns group
    • Alternatively, click the + symbol to move columns from left to right
  • To remove columns from the Jobs Dashboard, click and draft Selected Columns to the Available Columns group
    • Alternatively, click the x symbol to move columns from right to left
  • To reorder the columns in the Jobs Dashboard, click and drag the Selected Columns from top to bottom - which displays them in order of first to last in the Jobs Dashboard
    • Any column with a padlock symbol cannot be removed but can be reordered
    • See important considerations regarding Custom Fields for Jobs.
  • When you are finished, click Apply Changes to update your Custom Jobs Dashboard

Important Considerations

Custom Fields for Jobs are available columns in the Projects they are enabled on. When customizing columns in a Project Jobs Dashboard, you may see columns for Custom Fields that are not enabled on the Project. Although visible in the View Configuration, if the Custom Fields are not enabled for a Project, they will not be visible columns in the Jobs Dashboard.

The "allow translators to see field" checkbox must be selected in the custom field configuration for translators and agencies to have this column available in their custom Jobs Dashboard.

The Custom Jobs Dashboard does not layer column data in the same way as the Default Jobs Dashboard, as seen in the Job Name columns where Project name, Issues and Jobs Attachments are all included.

However, unlike the Default Jobs Dashboard, the Custom Jobs Dashboard support horizontal scrolling, so you can view all custom selected columns by scrolling horizontally.

The same Jobs Dashboard actions apply in both the Default and Custom view.

Toggle Between Views

You can switch views quickly and easily by clicking the toggle from Custom to Default.


Custom Views are unique to the user. This means that Custom Jobs Dashboard link sharing with other users will result in sharing the Default Jobs Dashboard.

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