Linguistic Quality Assurance Errors & Arbitration

Arbitration is the process of disputing and resolving errors recorded under LQA. It is an opportunity for the translator to justify the overall thinking behind the translation provided, and an opportunity for the evaluator to gain better insight and a different perspective on the translation. The goal is to come to a resolution on the specific error, and develop a better overall understanding of what's required in the translations for the client.

Errors can be recorded and arbitrated in the CAT Tool, on any LQA-enabled workflow step.

Alternatively, you can view all errors, record additional errors on a translation, and arbitrate any errors recorded from the Linguistic Quality Assurance Errors & Arbitration Report.

Accessing the Errors & Arbitration Report

In Smartling, click the Reports dropdown > Linguistic Quality Assurance Errors & Arbitration.

Here, you can view a list of all errors recorded, with the following detail:

  • Schema Category
  • Type
  • Severity
  • Source String
  • Translation
  • Arbitration
  • Project & Job

View or Modify Errors

To view any translation error is detail, record an additional error on the translation, or arbitrate an error, click the error to open the same LQA window as in the CAT Tool.

  • Click New Error to record an addition error on the translation
  • Click the error and Add Comment to arbitrate the error


  • Projects
  • Jobs
  • Languages
  • Schemas (published only)
  • Categories
  • Error
  • LQA Error Created date-range

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