How to use Smartling to Translate Content

Assign Content to Linguists from the Jobs Dashboard

Account Owner and Project Manager users can assign content in a Job to Translation Resources from both the account-level and project-level Jobs Dashboard.

Agency Account Owner and Translation Resource Managers can also assign content to Linguists from their Jobs Dashboard.

The Job must be in progress and content assignment must be enabled in the workflow settings.

You can assign available Translation Resource users to any steps (aka tasks) that assignment is enabled on in the workflow. For example, if a Job is currently in progress in the Translation step, and the workflow contains a review step and an edit step, you can assign the translator, review, and editor at the same time.

Tasks for large Jobs will be broken up into 2,500 words each, approximately.

To Access Task Assignment

  • Go to the Jobs Dashboard (account-level or project-level)
  • Find the Job that's in progress that you want to assign
  • Click the ellipses to the right of the Job
  • Click Assign


When you click Assign, the Task Assignment dialog appears. The dialog is grouped by workflow, language, and context, so you can assign translators at a more granular level. The context grouping means you may see multiple rows for one language.

Hover over the calendar icon to view the task due date. You can edit or add a task due date under the workflow tab of the Job.

To Assign Linguists to Tasks

From the Task Assignment dialog:

  • Click the workflow step field
  • Select the linguist's name from the drop-down
  • Click Save



  • Reassignment is not yet possible in this dialog. When you select save, you will not be able to edit the assignment from the dialog. You can still assign and unassign from the Strings View as before. 
  • You may choose to only assign the first step of the workflow and leave the next step blank. However, this dialog will not appear again until the content has reached the next step of the workflow. 
    • For example, if you only save the assignment for the translation step, you will only be able to assign the editing step when the content has reached the editing step.

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