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Zendesk Support Plugin Overview

Providing support to your customers via Zendesk Support in multiple languages typically requires a multilingual support team to cover all support tickets opened in any language. This can be expensive and difficult to manage.

With the Smartling Zendesk Support plugin, you can provide multilingual support to your customers with your existing support team. The plugin delivers instant Machine Translation on inbound support tickets from your customers, and outbound responses from your support team. The plugin works with any language pairs, meaning the support team can continue to provide expert advice and support in their native language, and have it automatically translated into any target language.

The Smartling Zendesk Support plugin ultimately enables multilingual support to your customers around the world, at rapid speed and low cost.

If you want to translate Zendesk Support macros, you can do so by using our Zendesk Connector.

How it works

Download the latest version of the plugin from our Downloads page. It exports as a .zip file for you to upload to Zendesk.

Once installation is fully complete, the plugin uses Zendesk Triggers to auto-detect your customer's native language in their inbound support ticket.

This ticket is instantly sent to Smartling, where it is machine translated into your agent's native language, and automatically delivered back to the Zendesk ticket thread. This event happens almost instantaneously.

The agent writes a response in their native language as an internal note, using the tag #smartling at the beginning. Once the agent submits the internal note, it is sent to Smartling for machine translation into your customer's native language. The translations are automatically inserted as a public reply in the Zendesk ticket thread.


  • The plugin is connected to your Smartling account, not any specific project in Smartling. However, the settings for the plugin configuration are stored at a project-level. When setting up the plugin for multiple environments (e.g. prod & testing) it is recommended to set up a project for each to avoid potential overlaps between the configurations.
  • Translations are not captured or visible on the Smartling dashboard.
  • Translations are not stored in your Smartling Translation Memory.
  • A workflow is not required.
  • MT must be enabled in the CAT Tool. 
  • Translations are completed by the default MT Profile enabled in your CAT Tool Settings.
    • Languages must be supported by the MT Profile.
    • As translations are handled by the MT Profile, URL's and HTML are supported in line with the MT Profile's capability. 
  • Images embedded into the ticket are not translated.
  • Attachments to the ticket are not translated and are delivered.

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