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Translating Tickets with the Zendesk Support Plugin

Once the Smartling Zendesk Support plugin is installed and set up, Smartling will auto-detect the language in any inbound ticket. Any languages detected outside the Zendesk account default language will be automatically sent to Smartling for machine translation, and returned to your agent in the Zendesk account default language. Your agent can then proceed to write a response to the end-user in an internal note, beginning with the tag #smartling.

In order for your agent's internal note to be automatically sent to Smartling for machine translation once it's submitted, it must begin with the tag #smartling.


There must be nothing but the tag on the first line.

Following this tag, the agent can type their response to the customer's query from the second line onwards. There are no character limits to the response. All the agent's response is translated. There is currently no way to exclude content from translation. A simple workaround is to send a follow-up untagged message, without #smartling.

Once the internal note response is complete, click Submit to send the response to Smartling for machine translation.

Smartling will automatically insert the translated response as a public reply to the end-user.

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