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Zendesk Support Plugin Installation & Setup

In Smartling

Enable MT in the CAT Tool

To enable MT in the CAT Tool, Account Owner or Project Manager users should:

  • Go to Account Settings > Integrations.
  • Click CAT Tool Settings.
  • Click the toggle ON to enable MT in the CAT Tool.

For more information on how to set up a specific MT Profile to MT in the CAT Tool, see MT Profiles.

In Zendesk

Plugin Installation

The Smartling Zendesk Support Plugin is not yet listed in the Zendesk Marketplace. Until then, your Customer Success Manager or Solutions Architect can provide the plugin as a .zip file for you to upload to Zendesk. To upload the plugin to Zendesk;

  • Click the gear icon to go to Zendesk Settings
  • Under Apps, click Manage
  • In My Apps, click Upload private app
  • Name the app, e.g. Smartling Zendesk Support Plugin
  • Upload the .zip
  • Once uploaded, you can choose to restrict the use of the plugin to specific user roles (such as Admins, Managers, Agents), or a group of user roles (such as "Support").
  • Click Install

The plugin is automatically enabled. If you need to disable or update the app, or app settings, click the downward arrow on the logo.


Log into Smartling via the Plugin

  • Go to your ticket queue
  • Open any ticket
  • The Smartling Zendesk Plugin will be visible on the right
  • Follow the steps on the widget to connect your Zendesk instance to your Smartling account.

Once connected, Smartling will auto-detect the language in any inbound ticket. Any languages detected outside the Zendesk account default language will be automatically sent to Smartling for machine translation, and returned to your agent in the Zendesk account default language. Your agent can then proceed to write a response to the end-user in an internal note, beginning with the tag #smartling.



Once the plugin is installed, and you have connected your Zendesk instance to a Smartling project, by following the steps above, three new triggers are created in your Zendesk Settings.

  • Click the gear icon (Zendesk settings)
  • Under Business Rules, click Triggers.
  • Scroll to the bottom to view the three new triggers.
  1. Smartling notify new ticket: enable this trigger to auto-insert the #smartling tag on any new inbound ticket. This means that Smartling will auto-detect the language used in any inbound ticket and if this is not the Zendesk account default language, it is automatically sent to Smartling for machine translation. Ensure your MT Provider supports your customer's native language. All Required.
  2. Smartling notify public comment: this trigger to automatically send your agent's response to your customer once it's translated.
  3. Smartling notify private comment: this trigger to automatically send your agent's internal note response to Smartling for machine translation.

All three Triggers must be enabled.





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