Adobe Photoshop Plugin

Installing the Adobe Photoshop Plugin

The Smartling Adobe Photoshop plugin allows Account Owner and Project Manager Smartling users to submit content and context directly from Adobe Photoshop to Smartling for translation, and retrieve the content once it's complete.

Create a Files Project in Smartling

Install the Smartling Photoshop Plugin

  • Go to your Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Click Stock & Marketplace
  • Click Plugins
  • Search Smartling
  • Click Get

The Smartling Photoshop Plugin has successfully installed. Next, access the plugin.

Access the Smartling Photoshop Plugin

To access the Smartling Photoshop plugin and all its functionality;

  1. Launch Photoshop
    • You must have the file open in Photoshop to take any action on it via the Smartling plugin
  2. Open the Photoshop file that you want to translate
    • This is the source file that the Smartling plugin will convert into a JSON file for translation
    • All Smartling Plugin options can be found under the Plugins menu at the top navigation


Log in to Smartling via the Photoshop Plugin

  • In Photoshop, open a Photoshop file
  • Click the Plugins menu > Smartling > Smartling Account
  • This opens up a new tab in your browser, where you can log in to your Smartling account
  • Next, in the Account Summary modal, select the Smartling Project you want your Photoshop content translated in
    • If the modal has been closed, simply click the Plugins menu > Smartling > Smartling Account 
  • Choose to exclude irrelevant strings 
    • Enable this setting to exclude strings that are just numbers, symbols or other sequences that don't require translation.
    • Unselect this checkbox to include this content for translation
  • Click Save
  • Once the confirmation flag appears, you can click X to close out the window


You are now ready to start translating with the Photoshop plugin.

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