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Video Subtitle Files

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

Smartling allows you to translate SubRip (SRT) files with video context. Translators are able to loop, pause, and adjust the playback rate of the video context for the most accurate subtitle translations.

When you upload an SRT file to Smartling, you'll be prompted to add your video link in the same step. Make sure you have both assets ready, or you won't be able to complete your upload.

Upload an SRT and Video File

  1. If you haven't already done so, create a Media type project in your Smartling account.
  2. From your Media project, go to Content > Files and click Upload Files.
  3. Upload your SRT file (one at a time).
  4. In the next prompt, enter the URL for your MP4 or YouTube video link and click Upload.

Once your SRT and video files have been added to Smartling, you'll see them in your Files list. You may experience a slight delay with the video thumbnail until the best frame is loaded.

Only direct links to an MP4 file or YouTube video are supported. Your link should look something like this: Keep in mind the following when adding your video file link:

  • It must be publicly accessible
  • It can't be a link to a video that's embedded in a web page
  • It can't be a link that previews the video in a browser

Update an SRT or Video File

If you make changes to your original video or subtitles, you can update these assets in Smartling for retranslation.

  1. From your Media project, go to Content > Files and click the ellipsis icon.
  2. Select Delete File from the dropdown.
  3. Click Upload Files, and upload your updated .SRT file and/or updated video link.
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