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Allow Work to be Claimed

Assigning work to your translators is a key part of your everyday role as Agency Account Owner. Instead of always having to assign work to translators, you can allow them to proactively accept (or claim) the work they want within their capacity based on Job, source file, or source URL. 

Claiming must be enabled on two levels:

  1. Your client must first enable the Allow Claiming setting on a specific workflow step.
  2. As an Agency Account Owner, you can then allow your team of linguists to claim work from your Project Settings.

Both settings must be enabled to allow work to the claimed.

Enable Claiming from the Project Settings

  1. Go to the Project Dashboard by clicking Projects on the top navigation and selecting a client Project from the dropdown
  2. From the Projects Dashboard, click Settings > Work Assignment.
  3. Select the Linguists Can Claim Work checkbox
    • By default, this setting is disabled.
    • If this setting is disabled, but the client's claiming workflow setting is enabled, linguists will not be able to claim work.
    • If this setting is enabled, but the client's claiming workflow setting is disabled, linguists will not be able to claim work.

Once enabled, the Translation Resource users will receive an email notification when there is work to be claimed. They can then accept the work from their Jobs Dashboard.

It is important to note that enabling claiming does not stop you from assigning work to translators.

Content must be in a Job for claiming.

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