Agency Project Managers

Allow Work to be Claimed

This article is for Agency Account Owners.

On occasion, you may have several Translators or Editors who need to work on the same job. If your customer has enabled the Allow Claiming setting on a specific workflow step, then you will, in turn, be able to select/deselect whether Translators or Editors can claim work. 

Content must be in a Job for claiming.

A resource can claim and work on all words in a Job, or only a certain number of words, and leave the remaining words in that job for another resource to claim.

To enable work to be claimed:

  1. Go to Projects Dashboard > View Project > Settings > Work Assignment.
  2. Check Linguists Can Claim Work. By default, this setting is disabled.

The Translator or Editor will receive an email notification when there is work to be claimed.

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