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Accept and Decline Work

This article is for Translators, Editors, and Reviewers. "Claim" and "Accept" are used interchangeably, but both terms refer to consenting to taking on a translation task.

When an Account Manager or Project Manager enabled the claiming setting on your workflow step, you'll receive an email notification when there is a Job that is available to accept.

Jobs that are available to accept are listed in the Jobs Dashboard, under the Available to Accept preset search.

This allows you to quickly find all Jobs that are available to accept, rather than waiting for work to be assigned to you. If the Account Owner or Project Manager on the account has not enabled the claiming feature, no Jobs will be listed under this preset, and you won't be able to accept a Job.

Content must be in a Job, in order to see it as available to accept. This means that any content that has been sent to Smartling for translation outside a Job, will not be available to accept.

Accept work

To accept a Job:

  1. Log in and go to your Jobs Dashboard.
  2. Select Available to Accept from the left-hand side of the page to filter work by what can be claimed.
  3. Click Accept to add work to your queue. The Accept Work dialog will appear with a breakdown of the Job's content by context (if available), or by source file (if there isn't any context). You can accept all or some items from the presented list.

Once accepted, the Job will appear in the Current Work preset list, where you can then start to work on it by clicking Open.

Once a Job has been accepted and additional content has been added to the Job, the content will automatically be assigned to the Linguist who accepted the Job and will not appear in the Available to Accept preset.

If there are Jobs listed in Available to Accept that you do not plan on working on, it is recommended that you decline that Job, so it is removed out of this view.

Decline Work

If you have accepted a Job in error, you can always decline it, so it reverts to being available to accept for other linguists. 

Likewise, if you have started work on an accepted Job and become unable to complete it, you can save and submit the translated portion (in the CAT tool), and then following the steps below to Decline the Job. This will release the remaining portion of the Job for others to accept. 

To decline a Job:

  1. Log in and go to your Jobs Dashboard.
  2. In Current Work, click the ellipses, and Decline.

You can find all declined Jobs in the Declined Preset Search. From there, you can Accept any Declined Jobs. Any Job that is then accepted by another translator will then disappear from the Declined Preset Search.

The update of the Jobs Dashboard after Accepting or Declining a Job can be delayed, Occasionally, you can Accept or Decline a Job and the Job will still appear in the Available to Accept/Decline preset. It is recommended that you refresh the page after Accepting or Declining a Job if the Job still appears in the preset.




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