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Evaluate a Job with a Fuzzy Estimate

This article is for Agency Account Owners, Translation Resource Managers, and Translation Resources.

Fuzzy estimates indicate how large a Job is and are a useful way to understand how much you will earn for a translation Job. Account Owner and Project Manager users can generate the same information to help them understand how much the Job will cost. It is a prediction of a job’s final word-count totals and cost if the job were to be translated at the point when the estimate is run. It's based on the appropriate fuzzy profiles and rate cards.

Fuzzy estimates are only for the strings in the translation step, and not any other workflow step.

You can get a fuzzy estimate for a translation Job in the Jobs Dashboard or the Project Dashboard

Content must be in a Job to generate a Fuzzy Match estimate.

Jobs Dashboard

Go to the Jobs Dashboard by logging into Smartling, or if already logged in, click the Smartling logo on the top left of any page within the platform.

  1. From the Jobs Dashboard, find the Job you want to run a fuzzy estimate on
  2. Click the ellipses (three dots) on the right-hand side of the page (next to the Assign/View Details button)
  3. Click Fuzzy Estimate
    • This opens the Estimate Details dialog, where you can view a full breakdown per locale of source words, source characters, and weighted words, by fuzzy tier, along with repetitions and SmartMatches.
  4. To download the estimate locally for invoicing, click Download CSV
  5. If content has been added to the Job, and you need an updated estimate, click Refresh Estimate to generate a new fuzzy estimate


Projects Dashboard

Go to the Project Dashboard by clicking Projects on the top navigation and selecting a client Project from the dropdown

  1. From the Projects Dashboard, click Content > Summary.
    • Here, you'll see a list of jobs.
  2. Click Estimate for a selected job.
    • The Estimates window will appear to the right of the page
  3. Click Create Estimate to run the report.
    • The report will appear in the list of Previous Estimates.
  4. Under Actions, click the Folder icon to view the estimate in the dashboard, or click the Download icon to download a .csv version of the estimate


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