Managing the Translation Process

Moving Translations Back in the Workflow for Revision

If translations are submitted and move from the Translation step to the next step in the workflow (such as Edit, Review, or even Published), you can move any translated string back in the workflow for revision by rejecting the string from the Strings View actions.

A translation can only be rejected if the workflow step has been configured to allow users to reject strings to another step. Check your workflow step settings to ensure that the step you want to reject translations from has "Users can reject content to another step" switched on.

How to Reject a Translation

To move a translated string back in the workflow for revision:

  • Go to the Strings View
  • Select the translated string(s) you want revised
  • Click Actions > Reject Translation
  • In the Reject dialog, choose to open a Translation Issue with a specific subtype for further context
    • This will notify the linguist on the step you are moving the translations to, and give them reasons for rejecting the translation
  • Click Reject


A success message will appear at the bottom of the page, confirming the number of strings that have been moved.


If the below error appears, that means that "Users can reject content to another step" in the workflow settings is switched off.


Translation Issue

If you chose to open a Translation Issue, the linguist will receive an email notification with all the relevant information to revise the translation.


Supporting Tools

Smartling has a range of supporting tools which can also further assist in providing guidance to translators which can be used as part of your translation strategy to reduce revision time; 


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