Smartling Core Concepts of Translation

Pseudo Translations

What is Pseudo Translation?

More often than not, translations require more characters than the source copy (especially if English is the source locale). This means that translated content can require more display space than the source content. 

As translating content can be of high-value and require time and resources, it can be worthwhile to get a visualization of the predicted structure and layout of your translated content.

Pseudo translation is the simulation of translations, which allows you to view the resemblance of the translated content and make strategic decisions on layout and sizing requirements.

Smartling gives you the option of downloading a file with ‘pseudo translations’ - which are simply the original strings with extra characters added - to increase the length of each string. Pseudo translations allow you to test your UI’s tolerance for longer strings, before spending time and resources on the translations.

By default, downloading pseudo translations increases the length of the original strings by 30%, which is the typical expansion of most European languages.

Pseudo Translations via Files Tab

  1. In your Files Project, click the Files tab
  2. Upload Files
  3. Choose a source file from your local drive
  4. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, click the ellipses/3 dots > View translation files


On the target locale you want to view the pseudo translation of, click Download > Download pseudo translations


A file type the same as the source file will download to your local drive,  containing pseudo translations.

Pseudo Translations in a Connector Project

When configuring Smartling with your connector application, you may want to spend some time in the beginning testing with pseudo translations. Talk to your Solutions Architect about configuring the Connector Retrieval Type to Pseudo.

While Pseudo is the configured Retrieval Type, pseudo translations will be sent back to your connector application from Smartling. Ensure this will be hidden from public display.


Customizing Pseudo Translations

If you want a higher rate of inflation than the standard, you can set a custom rate of inflation, between 50 and 100 percent, by using file integration or an API directive. Check Smartling’s Supported File Types information for your files to see if the pseudo_inflation directive is supported.

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