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CAT Tool Find and Replace

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers, Agency Account Owners, Translation Resource Managers, and Translation Resources.

The CAT tool Find and Replace feature allows users to quickly find and replace translations within a specific Job. 

To access find and replace, go to the CAT tool and click on the "spy glass" icon. 


Alternatively, you can use the following shortcut to bring up the Find & Replace dialog box: CTRL/CMD + Shift + F. 


There's a "Find" field and a "Replace with" field. Typing a value into the Find field will find all instances of that word in the current Job. If case sensitivity ("Match case") is enabled, and you searched for something such as "hello", then "HELLO" would not be a match.

In the above example, it shows that there is only one match in that Job for the word "wall". If there is more than one match in the current Job, you can use Replace All to change all instances in that Job. Alternatively, you can use the arrows or hold Shift + Enter to go back through the matches.

If the next match is on a different page, the CAT tool will load the relevant page and scroll to the match.

If the CAT tool isn’t filtered by a job, Find and Replace will work on the current page only.




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