Introduction to the Global Delivery Network

Methods to Control Global Delivery Network Behavior

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers using the Global Delivery Network.

The Smartling Global Delivery Network (GDN) is a powerful translation proxy tool that allows you to quickly deliver localized sites. The GDN is programmable, so you can design the localized experience that is right for your audience.

There are 4 main methods to programming and customizing GDN behavior:

  1. GDN Integration Tags: The GDN supports a list of predefined classes and tags that you can add to your source code which instruct Smartling to handle the translation or rendering of your translated site in a particular way. This is the most stable and scalable way to customize the behavior of the GDN as it allows you complete visibility and control of your integration points, so your team can develop your site code with localization in mind. See our Integration Tag Library to learn more. 
  2. URL Response: Configure a URL response, such as a 404, per language for a specific page.
  3. Global Capture Configuration: You can control basic capture and behavior rules directly in your GDN Project via Global Delivery Network > Configuration > Rules. This is helpful if you have certain pages or directories you want to exclude from the translation process across all languages you support. Learn more about this interface here.
  4. Advanced Integration Tool: Smartling offers an advanced interface, designed for developers, that can inject code into and modify behaviors of your translated sites for cases where altering your source code is not an option. Learn more about this tool here.



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