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URL Responses with the GDN

By default, when a user navigates through the pages of your website that has been translated via the GDN, each page response is the translated page. If there are pages on your website that are not relevant to certain territories, you can control how specific URLs will respond in specific languages using the URL based response configuration.

Your website's HTTP 404 response can be used as a page response for specific languages. By responding with a "404 - Page Unavailable", it makes it look like that URL doesn't even exist on your site and the content will not be shown at all.

To configure URL Responses:

  1. Go to your GDN Project in Smartling
  2. Go to the Pages tab
  3. From the filters, find the page URL
  4. Click the page URL to open the page details dialog.
  5. Choose a response from the dropdown per language
  6. The system will create an [advanced GDN rule|] for any URLs configured for 404 or source for any languages.

If your 404 response page contains content that you want the user to see translated in the specified language, then the 404 response page must be translated. 

Choosing "Source Language" the response will be as if the user requested that URL from the origin - nothing will be translated at all. This includes navigation/headers/footers - even if those strings are otherwise translated in your GDN project. The URL will effectively exist on the localized domain, but the content will not be shown translated.

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