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Copy Source to Target Workflows

"Copy source to target" is a specific type of adaptation that copies the source text to the translation field. It is useful for making source content available for a different locale, for example, to use American English source content for United Kingdom English translations. However, given the intricacies with cross-locale adaption, this method is best suited for content of low visibility. 

Thinking about implement cross-locale adaptation into your localization process? Read our documentation on Cross-Locale Adaptation, or check out our video tutorial.

Creating a Copy Source to Target Workflow

There are three steps to creating a copy source to target workflow

  1. Create a Copy Source to Target MT Profile
  2. Create a translation workflow
  3. Configure the translation step

Create a Copy Source to Target MT Profile

  1. In the Account Settings dropdown, click on Integrations
    • Alternatively, you can access the MT Profiles page from the Workflow Configuration > Translation step > Manage Step > Create MT Profile
  2. Click on the MT Profiles tab
  3. Click on Create MT Profile
  4. Define a name
  5. From the MT Provider dropdown, choose Copy Source to Target
  6. Click Save
  7. to create this translation method as a translation provider option in your workflow configuration.

Create a Workflow

  1. Go to a project
  2. Click the gear icon > select Project Settings.
  3. On the left side, click Workflows to enter the Workflow Configuration
  4. Click Create Workflow > select either Add Project Workflow or Add Account Workflow.
  5. The Add New Workflow dialog appears. Complete the fields.
    1. Add a workflow Name (visible to all users)
    2. Select an appropriate Content Type from the dropdown menu (only visible in the Workflow Configuration)
    3. Do one of the following: 
      • For a Project-level workflow, select all languages set up in the project that this workflow will apply to. 
      • For an Account-level workflow, select both a Source Language and any pairing Target Languages. To pair languages with an additional source language, click Add Source Language, and select pairing target languages from the dropdown. Note: selected languages must already be listed in your Language Configuration.
    4. Choose a Workflow Template: Translation
  6. Click Create

Configure the translation step

Click the downward arrow on the translation step of your copy source to target workflow to configure the step.

  • Step Name: Type to edit, eg Copy Source to Target Workflow.
  • Translation Provider: Choose MT Profile: Copy Source to Target
  • Ignore Fallback and Automation options
  • Click Save

The copy source to target workflow is now created.

Set this workflow as the default workflow for specific languages

  1. Go to a project
  2. Click the gear icon > select Project Settings.
  3. On the left side, click Languages to enter the Language Configuration
  4. Click the hyperlinked workflow name under the Default Workflow column
  5. In the dialog that appears, select a new default workflow from the dropdown


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