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Translating SubRip (SRT) Videos in the CAT Tool

This article is for Translators, Editors, or Reviewers.

Smartling allows Translators to translate SubRip (SRT) files with video context, for more accurate translations. While largely the same as our CAT tool interface for text, there are a few key customizations for video translation. Consult the CAT Tool Overview page for general info about Smartling's CAT tool.


Like any standard media player, you can toggle the video on or off using the play/pause button. You may click on the video itself or the play/pause button on the far left of the media controls panel.


Replay will repeat the segment that is currently active, i.e. whatever segment you’ve clicked into. The segment will repeat once every time replay is clicked.


The loop command will keep a segment looping indefinitely. While loop is enabled (the icon will turn blue if it’s enabled), clicking into any segment will automatically start playing that segment and keep it looping. Pressing the pause button will pause the loop.


Autoscroll plays through the entire video; it’s particularly useful for reviewing translations.

Playback Rate

Playback rate controls the speed the video is playing. It’s set to 1x by default. Click on this option to slow down or speed up the video.

Insert a New Line in a Subtitle

Use the insert new line command.

Change Keyboard Shortcuts

Hover over any command to show its keyboard shortcut. If you’d like to change the shortcut, you can do that by select Settings in the top right of the screen, then selecting Keyboard Preferences.


SRT files are divided into segments with timestamps. You can see the timestamps of whatever segment is currently active in the Additional Details panel in the top right under Variant.

It is not currently possible to edit an SRT file’s timestamps.

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