How to use Smartling to Translate Content

Cancel and Delete a Job

Account Owners and Project Managers can cancel a Job if it's no longer needed. Additionally, Jobs that do not contain content and are still in the Awaiting Authorization or Draft status after 1 week will be automatically canceled.

How to cancel a Job

  1. Go to the Jobs Dashboard (account-level or project-level)
  2. Find the Job you wish to cancel by using any of the filtering and search options.
  3. Click the ellipses (3 dots) > Cancel

Alternatively, you can cancel a Job from the Jobs Details page. To do so,

  • Enter the Job by clicking the Job name and do one of the following: 
    • In the New Experience, next to Job Summary, click the gear icon and select Cancel Job
    • In the Classic Experience, click the name of the Job. Click the Cancel Job link.

To bulk-cancel anything up to 500 Jobs:

  1. Go to the Jobs Dashboard (account-level or project-level)
  2. Select the Jobs you want to cancel
  3. Click Actions > Cancel

If you choose to cancel the Job, any strings that are in progress at the time of the Job cancellation will be unauthorized and unassigned from the linguists. Published strings will remain in the “Published” step of your workflow. Any saved translations will remain available in the Translation Memory. 

Once a Job has been canceled or deleted, it cannot be undone.

Cancellation Note

You can choose to insert a note about why you have decided to cancel the Job and this will be included in the Job Cancellation notification they receive, if they have it enabled in their notification settings.

Find Canceled Jobs

To find a Job that has been canceled:

  1. Select the Jobs menu from the top navigation.
  2. Filter Jobs by Status > Canceled

Translations that were saved but not published before a Job was canceled will be stored in your translation memory. You can configure behavior for these translations should you re-authorize the content in the future.

If you cancel a Job, you may be liable for the translation cost incurred for content that was worked on before the Job was canceled.

Delete Jobs

Once you cancel the Job, you can choose to remove it from your Jobs Dashboard view by deleting it. This action cannot be undone.

To delete a canceled Job from the Jobs Dashboard, click the blue Delete button


To delete a canceled Job from the Jobs Details view, enter the Job and click the white Delete button


To bulk-delete anything up to 500 Jobs:

  1. Go to the Jobs Dashboard (account-level or project-level)
  2. Select the Jobs you want to delete
  3. Click Actions > Delete

When a Job is either canceled or deleted, the associated file can still be found in the Files tab of the project, with the exception of AEM Connector projects - canceling a Job will delete that associated file from Smartling.

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