Projects & Linguistic Packages

Assign a Linguistic Package

A linguistic package determines which assets are used by each associated Smartling project. Account Owner and Project Manager users can assign a linguistic package to a new or existing project.

Assigning a new package to a project may cause the project to write to a new translation memory (TM). The old TM will remain in the system but in order to continue benefitting from leveraging prior translations, typically it should be included in the leverage configuration for the new linguistic package.

Assign a Linguistic Package to a New Project

  1. Go to the Account Dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Project.
  3. Select a project type and click Next.
  4. On the Project Details page, select an existing linguistic package from the drop-down list to assign to the new project or click the Create New Package link to create a new package with new linguistic assets.

Assign a Linguistic Package to an Existing Project

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the New Experience, go to Account Settings > Linguistic Assets and click the package name. 
    • In the Classic Experience, go to Assets > Linguistic Packages and click the package to assign it to an existing project. 
  2. Within the linguistic package details page, click Assign to Project and select the Choose one or more projects field to list all available projects. Typing in the field will filter the list of projects.
  3. Click Assign Package to assign the package to the selected project. Keep in mind that a project can only be assigned one linguistic package, so the prior package will no longer be assigned to the project.


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