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Create a Style Guide

A style guide is a collection of rules about your preferences regarding content formatting, writing tone, and style. Style guides are associated with a selection of target languages in a linguistic package.

The more information you add to your style guide, the better guidance Translators will have to produce higher quality translations. In addition, if you have any supporting documents such as company brand guidelines, writing samples, or links, you can add them to the style guide under Attachments.

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Create a Style Guide (New Experience)

  1. Go to Account Settings > Linguistic Assets.
  2. Under Assets, click Style Guides.
  3. Click Create Style Guide and in the dialog that appears, choose an option:
    • Use a Smartling Template – Fill out a question and answer form.
    • Use a WYSIWYG editor for custom style guide – Create a custom style guide in a blank form (What You See Is What You Get). 
  4. Provide a name for your style guide.
  5. Select a source language.
  6. Click Create Style Guide.

Create a Style Guide (Classic)

  1. Go to Assets > Style Guides.
  2. Click Create Style Guide. The Create a New Style Guide dialog box will appear. Select one of the two options:
    • Use a Smartling Template: Provides you with a simple question and answer form to fill out.
    • Use a WYSIWYG Editor for Custom Style Guide: Opens a blank form to create a custom style guide.
  3. Create a name for your style guide.
  4. Select a source language.
  5. Click Create Style Guide.

Once you've completed creating your style guide, click Save Changes.

Want to assign a Style Guide to a Linguistic Package? See Manage a Linguistic Package

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