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Insert, Remove, or Move Tags and Placeholders

This article is for Translators and Editors.

Formatting and order of content in a translated string may need to be different than its source. In this article, learn how to insert, remove, or move HTML tags and placeholders while translating in the Smartling CAT tool.

Tags and Placeholders

Tags represent inline HTML in source content. They are represented as a number ("simplified view") or HTML tag ("code view") highlighted in grey. Simplified view: 1 or code view: <b></b>.

Placeholders protect dynamic content populated by a customer's application that doesn't need to be translated. If the customer has integrated properly with Smartling, placeholders will be represented as character(s) highlighted in grey and surrounded by curly braces Screen_Shot_2017-11-13_at_4.57.13_PM.png.

Copy Tags or Placeholders From Source to Translated String

There are multiple ways to copy tags and placeholders from source content to the translation field in the CAT tool:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut command + shift + I.
  2. Start typing a tag or placeholder that exists in the source field, and the tool will suggest a tag to insert into the translation field.
  3. Click on a tag or placeholder in the source field.

Want to see the code view of a tag? Click the tag toggle Screen_Shot_2017-11-13_at_4.45.12_PM.png in the editor toolbar.

Missing Tags

Any tags that have not yet been placed in the translation field will be shown with a red outline in the source. As you add tags to the translation field, the red outline will disappear from the source. This is currently only available in code view for tags, and not available for the simplified view.

Move Tags and Placeholders in Translated Strings

To rearrange the order of tags or placeholders, click on the tag in the translation field and drag it to a new location:


Delete Tags or Placeholders in Translated Strings

To delete tags or placeholders, place your cursor in front of the tag or placeholder you want to remove, and click delete.

If tags exist in the source string that have not been inserted into the translated string, you will get an error upon save. 

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