Translation Workflow

Assign Resources to a Workflow Step

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

Adding a user to a workflow step allows them to access the content available in that step. This will be useful for you to ensure that your Translators, Editors, Reviewers, or other team members have the right access to content they are responsible for within your account. 

There are two places in Smartling where you can add users to workflow steps. This can take place on either the resource's profile or under the translation workflow settings. Using the resource's profile is an easy way to add a user to multiple steps or multiple languages, while the translation workflow settings are a quick way to add a user to one step for one language.

Using Resource Profile

  1. Go to Team > People. (Go to Team > Agencies if you're assigning an agency to a workflow step, provided that you have already added an agency. If you haven't, see Add an Agency.)
  2. Select the resource whose access you would like to edit by clicking on their profile.
  3. Click Add Assignment.
  4. Select the languages, workflow, and step you would like to have this user access.
  5. Click Add Assignment.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Using Workflow Settings

  1. Go to Projects (select a project) > Project Settings.
  2. In Translation Workflow, click the drop down arrow next to the step that you would like to add the user to.
  3. Click Manage People.
  4. Select the appropriate target language and user name.

The dialogue will only show existing users who are available to work in the step. A user is considered available if they have been invited to the project and are set up to translate the selected language. Agency translators will not be displayed. To add a new user or manage a particular user’s access to languages and workflow steps in detail, use the Team page. See Manage Users and Agencies for more information.

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