User & Resource Management

Team Capacity Dashboard

The Team Capacity Dashboard gives Account Owner and Project Manager users an overview of the word counts assigned or claimed by Translation Resource or Translation Resource Manager users.

All users who are assigned to modify content in any step of a workflow, are listed in the Team Capacity Dashboard. However, the user must have claimed or assigned content due to be listed on the dashboard.

The purpose of the Team Capacity Dashboard is to allow you to quickly see the quantity of work ahead of translators, so you can delegate work evenly among team members.

Only words that are claimed and/or assigned to a user are counted. This means that only content in a workflow step that has claiming and/or assignment enabled, is counted.

The Team Capacity Dashboard allows Account Owner and Project Manager users to see how many words are due soon or at risk of being late. From there, they can act accordingly by reassigning content when necessary. 

Finally, the Team Capacity Dashboard allows Account Owner and Project Manager users to assign content to the best resource in the event of an urgent, last-minute Job.

Accessing the Team Capacity Dashboard

Account Owners and Project Managers can access the Team Capacity Dashboard by:

  1. Logging into Smartling
  2. Click Team > Team Capacity Dashboard on the top panel


You can sort the list of team members by name or target language by using the sorting on the right-hand side of the dashboard list.



You can locate specific team members in the dashboard by using the following search and filters on the left-hand panel:

  • Linguists: search by the name of the user or agency.
  • Role: filter by user roles
  • Language: filter by target languages
  • Project: filter by project name
  • Job: search by Job name
  • Workflow: filter by workflows that have claiming and/or assignment enabled
  • Workflow step type: filter by workflow step type
  • Due date: filter for team members with words past due or due soon


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