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How to Create RTL-ready Emails in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

For emails to support the appropriate alignment for right-to-left languages, you need to set the direction property in the CSS of the email, preferably inline. For example:

<div style="direction: rtl;">Your Hebrew text goes here</div>

You can also set it for entire email:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html dir="rtl" lang="he">
<meta charset="utf-8">
זאת את העזרה ואמנות הגולשות. מיזם למתחילים מה עזה. אם מלא כלכלה בעברית, פיסיקה ומהימנה כלל דת. מה המחשב המלצת פוליטיקה ארץ, אם ביולוגיה אתנולוגיה סוציולוגיה בדף.

How to Create RTL Templates

  1. Create a subscriber list and specify an attribute that is responsible for the subscriber’s language.
  2. Add subscribers to the list with appropriate language attribute value.
  3. Create a template by choosing any convenient way in the Content Builder view Past an AMP script is dependent on a language attribute. The script enables RTL alignment regarding the subscriber language attribute value. For example:
    %%[ if Language == "ar" then ]%%

        <style type="text/css">

          div {

            direction: rtl



    %%[ endif ]%%
  4. Create an email based on the template. The right alignment can be verified by substituting the particular subscriber on the preview stage.


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