Projects & Linguistic Packages

Organize your Account with Project Labels

For accounts with multiple Projects, it might be useful to label the Projects so assist in your translation Project management. Labels provide a visual aid on your Account Dashboard.


How to Create a Project Label

  • On the Account Dashboard, click Manage Labels
    • From here, you can create, edit, or delete Project labels.
  • To create a label, click Add Label
    • Input your label name and add a label color
    • If you are creating a child label, choose a parent label from your previously created labels in the dropdown.
    • Click Save Changes
  • To edit a label, click the pencil.
  • To delete a label, click the bin.


Applying Project Labels

To apply a Project label to a Project, from the Account Dashboard;

  • Under Actions, click the pencil to edit the Project
  • Here you can rename the Project and apply a Project label.
  • Click Save


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