Managing the Translation Process

Custom Issue Subtypes

If you have specific subtypes for Source or Translation Issues, Account Owner and Project Manager users can manage custom subtypes in Account Settings > Issue Subtypes. Here you will find a list of all the default issue types, which you can edit, disable, or add a new subtype to the list.

Subtype Codes are for Smartling's API integration only. They are essentially a UID for the subtypes, which is typically a replica of the subtype name.

Create Custom Subtypes

  • Click Add New Subtype
  • Choose the issue type - Source or Translation
  • Insert the subtype name
    • Max character limit: 80
    • The subtype code for the API will autopopulate with the name of the subtype. This can be modified, but it is recommended to keep it consistent with the subtype name.
  • Click Confirm

Edit Subtypes

  • To edit any subtypes, click the ellipses beside the subtype > Edit Subtype.
    • You cannot edit the subtype code for API
    • Editing the subtype does not affect the subtype code for API

Disable Subtypes

  • To disable any of the subtypes, click the ellipses beside the subtype > Disable.
    • Disabling an issue subtype will prevent new issues from being recorded with this subtype. Existing issues will not be affected.
  • Choose to show or hide disabled subtypes by selecting or unselecting the checkbox beside "Show disabled Subtypes".



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