Capturing Visual Context

Improve Context Matching With Instrumented Files

Using an instrumented resource file in a test environment can help you get faster and more accurate context, especially when matching with the Smartling's Context Capture Chrome Extension.

Instrumented files are a modified version of the original file, with each string wrapped in invisible Unicode characters generated from the string’s hashcode. On the page, strings will look the same, but Smartling's Context Capture Chrome Extension can match them exactly with their equivalent strings in a Smartling Project. The effects of using an instrumented file include:

  • Context matching completes faster.
  • Each variant of a string will match to its correct context.
  • If the Chrome Context Capture Extension detects at least one instrumented string on a page, only instrumented strings will be matched. This is helpful for targeting context matching to specific strings, especially when using automation.

To use instrumented files:

  1. From the Files tab (or, in Classic, Content > Files), download the instrumented files containing the strings you want to contextualize. You can also download instrumented files via the API.
  2. Deploy your web application using the instrumented files.
  3. Use the Smartling's Context Capture Chrome Extension to take context snapshots in your test environment.

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