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Batch Target Languages Together with Language Groups

It is common that your range of target languages are naturally "grouped" into batches of territories based on the content for those audiences. 

To make it easier to select languages when creating a Job, Account Owners can create Language Groups of two or more target languages. Once created, all Account Owner, Project Manager and Requester users can create Jobs with Languages Groups.

Organizing your languages into Language Groups makes it easier and more efficient for users to select target languages when creating a Job.

Creating Language Groups

To create a Language Group:

  • Go to Account Settings > Language Groups
  • Click + Create Group
  • Name the Group (required)
  • Give the Group a description (optional)
  • Choose  the languages of the Group from the dropdown (minimum of 2 languages per Group)
  • Click Save
  • Once created, you can edit the details of a Languages Group or delete it completely, by clicking anywhere on the Group row from the list

Translating with Language Groups

Language Groups are available to use when creating a Job via the Jobs Dashboard (account-level and project-level).

  • In the Request Translation wizard, complete all necessary fields as usual
  • Under Language Groups, select the group of languages you want to translate in
    • This autopopulates the Target Languages field
  • You can edit the selection by clicking the blue indicator to open a dropdown menu of target languages in your project, with the target languages of the Language Group pre-selected


Language Groups are currently unavailable to use when creating a Job via the Files tab or Strings View.


When editing a Language Group, you cannot remove all languages in the Group. If you want to remove all languages in a group, you should delete the Language Group and create a new one

All Languages Group names should be under 250 characters, and must be unique. Groups can have the same target languages, but must be named uniquely. 

You cannot create more than 200 Language Groups

Language Groups are a collection of target languages only, and are not paired with any source language. 

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