Contentful Connector

Contentful Publishing Options Configuration

Smartling typically returns translated content back to the source application in the same state it was ingested in. With the Contentful Connector, you can configure the state you want the translations to be in. For example, you may want your published source content translated and delivered back in a draft state, for an additional review. 

Whatever the case, you can configure the publishing status of their newly delivered translations in Contentful, from the Smartling Project configuration.

Configure Contentful Publishing Options

  • In Smartling, go to your Contentful Project
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Click Contentful Settings
  • Under Publish Options, choose from one of the three options

Contentful Publishing Options

  1. Never publish: Smartling will deliver unpublished translations. This is the current default behavior.
  2. Always publish: Smartling will publish an entry after successful delivery, even if the entry was in a Draft state as a source.
  3. Re-publish (if published): If an entry was in a Published state, then upon translation delivery, Smartling will re-publish the entry (when Smartling delivers translations it automatically unpublishes, hence re-publish). If the entry was in Draft state, then translations are delivered as Draft.


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