Mindtouch Connector

Translating with the Mindtouch Connector

The Mindtouch Connector supports translation of published articles. Translations are requested from within the Smartling platform, and translated content is automatically sent to your Mindtouch instance.

For each article listed within the Mindtouch tab in your Smartling project, you will find an App Link that will take you directly to the article in your Mindtouch Editor. You must be signed in to Mindtouch to be successfully redirected to the Mindtouch Editor.

This article will outline how to:

Request Translations 

To translate Mindtouch content;

  • Go to your Mindtouch project in Smartling
  • Click the Mindtouch tab
  • Select the asset >  Request Translation

The two-step wizard will appear for you to enter the Job details. You can choose to create a New Job or add the asset to an Existing Job.

  • Insert the Job Name - the title for the translation task in Smartling.
  • Ensure the asset selection is correct. Click the X to remove any asset listed.
  • Choose to include Child Assets
  • Insert a description for the linguists, if desired.
  • Select the Target Languages.
  • Click Save Job and Continue to create the Job in Smartling.


  • The next step will display the Job Processing. Click Close


  • Next, click the Jobs tab to go to the Jobs Dashboard.
  • Once the Job has completed processing, it will be listed here in Awaiting Authorization.


  • Click Authorize.
  • From the Authorize dialog, you can view the weighted word count and cost estimate for the Job.
  • If you want to choose a specific workflow for the Job, or any language in the Job, click Show More and choose a workflow from the dropdown list beside each language.
  • When you're ready to start the translation process, click Confirm.


View Translations in Mindtouch

Each language is a separate Mindtouch instance. Each language will be delivered to its respective Mindtouch site.

Once a language is at a Published status in Smartling, the Mindtouch Connector will attempt to deliver the translations back to the respective Mindtouch site. When this has been successfully completed, the package status will be Delivered.

It is important to remember that this attempt will fail if there is another process occurring in your MindTouch instance.

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