Yext Connector

Yext Connector Overview

Yext is a cloud-based brand and data management system used by businesses with multiple locations to manage each location’s information - everything from opening hours to the service offering.

The Smartling Yext Connector allows users to translate the metadata information that is stored about the property. As this content is metadata information, there is no automatic visual context for translators in the CAT Tool. If visual context is required, you can always manually upload visual context to translation Jobs.

Currently, only one Yext content type is submittable via the Smartling Yext Connector; Locations, found within the Knowledge Graph section of Yext.
Upcoming submittable content types include;

  • Pages
  • Product Catalog
  • Reviews
  • Answer 
  • Menus 

After you complete the steps to connecting Yext with Smartling, you will find Yext content in the Yext tab of your Smartling project. Here you will see a flat list of Yext Location assets. You can view the Location name, Address, the Smartling translation status, and the Last-Modified timestamp.

You can sort the asset list by Yext structure (default) or asset name descending/ascending.


Yext Asset List


The Location column will contain the property location, or asset name, together with the location icon.

Information Icon

The information icon links to the Asset Details page. Here you can see further information on that asset, including the translation status for each language. From here, you can also Request Translations or Export Translations back to Yext for that specific asset.



The Address column will contain the property's address.

Status (Smartling)

This shows the current translation status for the asset, combined for all locales. The statuses that exist are;

  • Not Translated - the asset has not been requested for translation for any locales
  • In Progress - the asset is in an In Progress or New state for at least one locale, and no locales are in a Failed state
  • Failed - at least one locale is in a Failed state
  • Complete - the translated asset has been returned to Yext for all requested locales

Last Modified

This will provide the date the asset was last updated in Yext.


On the left-hand panel, you'll see search and filters for all your Yext assets. The filters are seperately by Yext Filters, Additional Yext Fields, and Smartling Filters.

Yext Filters

Content Type: Location is the default and currently the only content type.

Country: Filter by country from a dropdown list of countries your properties are located in. This information is not dynamic so the dropdown list may include countries your properties are not located in.

Entity ID: An Entity ID number is Yext's unique identifier for your property. You will find a property's Entity ID number under the property address in your Yext Location dashboard. Enter the Entity ID number to locate an asset from the asset list in Smartling. You can search for multiple Entity ID numbers by including a comma between each search.


Search: Search by the Yext Location name or address. This is a global search and will search across the entire asset list, even if there is more than one page of assets listed.

Additional Yext Fields

Additional Yext Fields are the custom fields created in your Yext account, which are used to add additional information to the entities in your account for internal use. Once you add custom fields in your Yext account, these can be mapped to your Smartling Yext project. Use these fields to search for assets for translation using Yext Custom Field information. 

Smartling Filters

Smartling Status: Filter for content in one of the following statuses;

  • Completed: all content translated and successfully delivered to Yext. Smartling Connector starts to track changes in the source content.
  • Failed: a fatal error occurred, neither progress nor source content is tracked
  • In Progress: Content has been successfully sent to Smartling from Yext, and the translation process has commenced. Smartling Connector tracks translation progress by locale.
  • New: Content has just been sent to Smartling but it has not been requested for translation yet.

Language: Filter for content by one of the target languages configured in the Yext protect settings.

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